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9 August 2023
Hear What They Have to Say…
Resident liaison is so critical in #cladding #remediation projects. The residents safety is paramount, but also to treat them with compassion for what they have and are experiencing everyday should be front and centre of what we do. We ensure...
28 July 2023
Crown Wharf Resident Gift Bags
Part of our adherence to social responsibility is to ensure that we support the local community by ensuring they are well informed throughout the process of making their building safe. Maintaining consistent contact with the residents at Crown Wharf...
23 June 2023
Are You Compliant? Understanding the Impact of the Building Safety Act
The Building Safety Act 2022 represents a significant milestone in enhancing building safety standards and practices. As the construction industry continues to evolve, compliance with this legislation is paramount to create a safer and more...
23 June 2023
Building Safety Act Regulations: Ensuring a Safer Future
The Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017 was a wake-up call for the construction industry and policymakers. In response to the devastating fire, governments and regulatory bodies took action to prevent such incidents in the future. The enactment of the...
10 May 2023
End of Sprint Celebration
Last Friday was an exciting day for Colorminium and Envoy, as it marked the first full team get together for 2023. It was great to have the opportunity to meet everyone and take some time out of our normal day to enjoy a BBQ cooked and served by...
24 April 2023
Crown Wharf Timber Sustainability
As part of our commitment to a sustainable future for developments in London, we love to see redundant materials such as the Balau timber cladding and Ekki timber decking from our Crown Wharf site being repurposed for other projects. We are thrilled...
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