Following the Grenfell tragedy, we saw the opportunity to apply our decades
of façade experience to help remediate other unsafe buildings.

Our turnkey package removes layers of complexity, to simplify the process
and help our clients make their buildings safe.


We value collaboration and ask the right questions to truly understand our clients’ needs.

Our desire to learn and evolve means we are always challenging the status quo – through investigation and planning to explore new ideas and uncover solutions.

Investigation & proposal

During the early advice and planning phase, a dedicated team at Envoy will carry out a detailed review of the building. One of our in-house design managers will analyse as-built information available, along with the fire strategy and any intrusive inspection surveys carried out to date. Where information is unavailable, we can carry out intrusive inspections to determine the façade build-ups, and surveys to produce architectural elevations for the works.

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Making every building safe


We create a robust methodology, providing engineered and compliant solutions for the benefit of all our stakeholders, keeping the residents well-being at heart.

Our agile approach means that we are not held back by traditional constraints and our attention to detail guarantees exceptional results at every stage of our design and approval process.

Design & approval

Once the contract for the works has been awarded, the project team will proceed with the detailed design phase. A series of workshops and sample review meetings will be arranged with your team to ensure an excellent visual result, and our Fire Engineer and Approved Inspector will be consulted throughout to ensure a comprehensive safe solution.

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Project delivery

Following design approval, works will commence on site. As each area is worked on, a benchmark section is installed for client sign-off, and all the rest of that area is then installed to that standard.

The existing cladding will then be removed and replaced with the new compliant cladding, working section by section around the building in line with the agreed programme.


We are committed to working together to build a safer London.

We are here for the long term; maintaining our track record of no call backs for fire risk, as we continue to build strong and trusting relationships throughout the project delivery process and beyond.

Project completion & the future

Now with the project in the final closing out stages, handover completed and residents feeling confident and happy, we’ll be there to see it through and continue our support to clients on future projects. We ensure security and compliance of EWS1 forms and enable residents to confidently move on and sell their properties.

We foster strong relationships with our clients, establishing a solid foundation built on trust, collaboration, and honesty to support them on future projects.

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We guarantee both expertise and stability
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